Other Manufacturing Services

Deburring (Graining)

At Taylor Made Fabrication we have the capability to grain materials along with all the requirements to Deburr and finish products.  Deburr means: to remove burrs or roughness sometimes left on edges by trimming operation.

Product Assembly

At TMF we offer a product assembling service.  In many cases we assemble our customers manufactured parts into a finished product.

Cut to size (Metal cutting service)

At our workshop in Berkshire we are able to offer a quick shearing (cutting) service.  We will cut your material to your specification - this is a popular walk-in - wait and get service we offer our customers.

Design / Computer Aided Design (CAD) Service

Our experience CAD team are able to help you develop your ideas and produce all the necessary engineering drawings required for manufacturing.  We can turn your paper sketch into detailed CAD drawings both 2D or 3D.

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